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JATS4R Subgroup chair – an opportunity for you to be involved

As the community feeds into our new roadmap, JATS4R recommendation suggestions are prioritised in line with the needs of this community, and a subgroup is set up to put together recommendations. You can see the currently active subgroups here. The subgroup chair plays a key part in driving forward the recommendation delivery process. We are always looking for new people to get involved and chair. If you feel that you fit the role description listed below, please get in touch at info@jats4r.niso.org.

Subgroup chair – JATS4R



  • Set up and chair subgroup meetings on a regular basis, often across timezones
  • Putting together meeting agendas and collate minutes as needed 
  • Guide the group through the recommendation delivery process, assigning and follow up on action points as needed
  • Be responsible for the sign off of the recommendation within scope and sharing this with the JATS4R steering committee
  • Deferring to technical experts within the group/committee as needed to advise
  • Will be supported by a named member of the steering committee

Experience/commitment needed:

  • Good people management skills. Great communication skills – able to communicate effectively with people at all levels
  • Project management skills 
  • A basic understanding of JATS xml 
  • An enthusiasm for the work JATS4R does 
  • Time commitment averages out to ~1 hour a week for the duration of the recommendation delivery process. The timeframe for the recommendation delivery process depends on the nature of the recommendation and so may take anywhere between 2 months and a year. Usually this depends on group/lead capacity rather than a deadline.
Updated on May 8, 2023

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