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As of the summer of 2017, JATS4R develops recommendations via subgroups, to enable more people to collaborate on recommendations in areas of interest to them. We welcome any participation in the groups. To indicate your interest, please contact the relevant subgroup chair.

SubgroupSubgroup chairSubgroup descriptionMeeting Notes and FilesStatus
Authors and affiliationsAradhana MistryBest-practice recommendations for capturing authors and their affiliations in article metadata using JATS XMLGoogle DriveActive subgroup
General accessibilityStephen Laverick/Jeff BeckA group to tackle general accessibility issues to create a common guidance for how publishers can make their XML accessible and standardised in this wayGoogle DriveActive subgroup

To indicate your interest, please contact the relevant subgroup chair.

If you are wondering how the subgroups’ work fits into the recommendations process, please see the recommendations delivery process page.

Subgroups that are currently active

See the JAT4R Roadmap.

Updated on October 18, 2023

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