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Join a subgroup

JATS4R now develops recommendations by subgroups, to allow more people to work on recommendations at a time that is suitable and on areas of interest to them. For a list of current and upcoming subgroups, please see the subgroups page.

Comment on draft recommendations

When a recommendation has been completed by a subgroup it is released in draft format for a public commenting period of about a month. This is open to anyone who is interested in sharing their ideas about the recommendation. Look for notices on the JATS Listserv, JATS4R Google mail list, other publisher-related news feeds, or follow us on Twitter.

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Updated on October 18, 2023

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Provide feedback on this recommendation

Please note you are commenting on this specific recommendation. To suggest a new recommendation, please follow the link on the homepage. By proceeding with your comment here, you understand that your comment will be publicly visible and you may be contacted by JATS4R in case of further clarification.

You may use markdown to format your comment. For example, to allow <> tags to display, please start and end that portion of your comment with three backtick characters, ```.