Subgroup how-to

JATS DTD change requests

  • Any requested changes to the JATS DTD should be made clear in the draft recommendation (include a link to the request in the recommendation) and the subgroup chair is responsible for managing this process
  • Every effort should be made to stay within the current JATS version (and modelling therein) when developing recommendations. However, on rare occasions, some requirements can’t be met with the current JATS version without serious tag abuse
  • In order to request a change to it, the submission must be posted via the NISO website. See the JATS version page for links to “Comment on the Tag Suite”, also linked on the NISO JATS page – (comments are accepted only on the current version of JATS)

Preparing for release for public commenting

When the recommendation is ready for public release the following tasks should be done:

  • Label the recommendation as version 0.1
  • Change Googledoc access so that anyone on the web can comment (this prevents unwanted edits that might not be tracked but allows access to all)
  • Endure the metadata at the top of the document is up to date and the commenting period is updated
  • This document will be replicated on the JATS4R website so please coordinate with a member of the steering committee to ensure this is done

Final publication

The JATS4R steering committee manage this final process:

  • Label the recommendation as version 1
  • Released to the NISO topic committee for review and approval
  • Copy edit
  • NISO create PDF version of recommendation (adding Metadata) and mint DOI and ISSN
  • JATS4R website is updated with the revised content and publication details for dual publication with NISO version
  • Promote the publication of the final version
Updated on October 18, 2023

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