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JATS4R Steering Committee and working practices

The JATS4R Steering Committee is here to help

  • The JATS4R Steering Committee reviews all recommendations before they are sent out for public comments and subsequent final publication as a NISO Recommended Practice
  • The committee may have comments, queries, or suggestions that come back to the original subgroup before the recommendation is released for public comment – this process helps ensure more diverse opinions inputs into each recommendation and that the recommendation is clear and user-friendly
  • If the subgroup has contentious issues that cannot be resolved, they can pass the buck up to the Steering Committee to help make the decision!

JATS4R works in the open

Google drive

  • When a subgroup is set up, a subfolder in the JATS4R Google folder is created
  • This will contain further subfolders for call recordings and samples. The meeting minutes document should be stored at the top level of the folder along with the recommendation as it is being written. Any other documents can be stored at the discretion of the group within the folder


  • It is usually expected the group will hold regular calls (timings and frequency at the discretion of the group)
  • JATS4R subgroup calls use the NISO Zoom software, are recorded (the Chair is responsible for administering this) and then made available on the Google Drive


  • Depending on the type of content being covered, subgroup members may be asked to provide snippets of this content type in JATS XML, and reach out to their network for other publisher samples
  • Guideline for asking for samples – if full text samples are provided they will be stored openly and the contributor must be made aware they are publicly accessible

Suggested boiler-plate text to use in any communication asking for samples:

“Please be advised that any XML sample (full-text or snippet) will be stored on JATS4R’s Google Drive, where the sample will be publicly available for viewing and reuse. Please anonymise your sample as needed before contributing if this is a concern for your organisation.”

Where to find ‘stuff’ at each stage

This table helps by detailing the software, “source of truth”, and version status of each stage of a recommendation.

StageTechnologyDuplication?Source of truthVersion status
Working groupGoogle DriveNAGoogle DriveNA
DraftingGoogledocs – working documentNAGoogledocNA
Draft publicationGoogledoc is location for commenting and feedback. Posted on JATS4R website in draft form – static initial representation of it that directs people to the GoogledocYesGoogledoc0.1
Reviewing draftGoogle DriveNAGoogle DriveUnless version sent out to public review again, remains in 0.1 state until published – Googledocs and comments stored on Google Drive, website cannot be iteratively updated
Publication of recommendationGoogledoc – historic document
JATS4R website 
NISO website
YESNISO website AND JATS4R website duelVersion 1.0
Updated on October 18, 2023

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