Article publication and history dates

Melissa37 commented on Mar 27, 2019
Problem / Motivation
For much of 2016 we discussed versioning and history

A draft recommendation was proposed:

New elements were added to the DTD:

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Melissa37 commented on Nov 5, 2019
ID: Identification
PU: Prescribed Usage
CV: Controlled Values
SV: Suggested Values
Article Publication and History Dates

  1. PU/CV – use /article/@specific-use for article version values from NISO JAV for JATS 1.1 and earlier schemas
  2. CV – @date-type on : Use value “original-publication” to indicate that the date is the original date of publication, and “update” for dates that represent published updates to the publication.
  3. PU/CV – Use @date-type on in to indicate what stage of publication this version was in. Use NISO JAV values.

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