1. Comments from the community:

    Points to review:
    If content is licensed under CCO there is no copyright information allowed, so those fields should not be mandatory for this license

    I wanted to reach out to ask if you could help (or could pass us onto someone else who can) as we were having some trouble with how to implement the JATS ALI tag for non open access articles. Regarding the tag the JATS4R website says ‘If a license is defined by a URI (for example, any of the Creative Commons licenses), this should be the sole place that a machine (or anyone) should need to look for the license’. However for our non open access content what URl would be used as these are protect by the usual copyright law? Alternatively is there a different way of tagging this? Or is our current tagging as included below enough I include our standard tagging below

    © Author(s) (or their employer(s)) 2019. No commercial re-use. See rights and permissions. Published by BMJ. 2019

    I think the recommendation requires more clarity.

    Discomfort for some publishers (eg PLOS, SciELO and Rockefeller University Press) that the main article license might be read and not go further into the document. If there is content further down the XML tree that has a more restrictive (or less restrictive) license then this could be missed. The suggestion is that other licenses need to be indicated at the top too so that it’s clear from the outset.
    Needs to be easy to add overarching copyright and that there are some parts that differ (even potentially hook them out too)

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