Clinical trial data


  1. PU/CV (Should be ID) – related-object/@Content-Type. Use the content-type attribute optionally to indicate which stage of the trial the publication is reporting on. Since this information is intended for content providers submitting linked clinical trial information to Crossref, if @Content-Type is used, its value must be “pre-results”, “results”, or “post-results”, as defined in the crossref schema. [[Validator result: If absent, no message. If present, ERROR if values not equal “pre-results” or “results” or “post-results” ]]
    PU – related-object/@source-id. The source-id attribute must be used to identify the clinical trial registry. Crossref curates a list of WHO-approved registries and assigns them a DOI. Content providers are encouraged to select an appropriate registry from this list and supply the registry DOI or the WHO registry name as the source-id value.
    PU/CV – related-object/@source-id-type. The source-id-type attribute must be used to identify the type of ID provided in @source-id. The value of @source-id-type should be “crossref-doi or “registry-name”, as appropriate (see Recommendation 3.)
    PU/CV – related-object/@document-id-type: The document-id-type attribute is required and must identify the kind of @document-id. The value must be either “clinical-trial-number” or “doi”.

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