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  1. This lists “NLM-defined article-types” If these are the article types defined in the PMC Tagging Guidelines, could we change it to “PubMed Central-defined article types”? If it is the set of article-types defined in the JATS Tag Libraries, could we change this to “NISO JATS-defined article types”?

  2. Hi Jeff,

    I would love if there were a definitive list of allowed article types. As you mentioned, I know PMC maintains a list which is enforced by their validator. But I was not aware of “article-types defined in the JATS Tag Libraries”. Would you mind elaborating or simply posting a link?

    For us, the lack of a definitive list make it difficult / awkward for us when journals ask us to add an esoteric (or worse, redundant) article type. Having a definitive list would allow us to accept / reject these requests with greater confidence / authority.

    1. Hi Cory

      The JATS tag libraries include a list of suggested @article-type values on that attribute page.

      A definitive set of article types would be a wonderful thing – and something that takes effort to maintain. From my experience with PMC, you will always need to understand which values are similar and when a new value is really new and should be added to the list. Whether this is an appropriate issue for J4R to tackle or not, I am not sure.


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